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  • Where does the tour begin and end?
    After purchasing your tickets, you will receive a confirmation email with details on where to meet your tour guide. All tours will start and end at the bustling Riverside Arts Market underneath the Fuller Warren Bridge.
  • How long is the tour?
    First Coast Foodie Crew walking food tours start at 11:00am and end at 2:00pm. The walking portion of the food tour is just over 1 mile and is suitable for most people of any athletic ability. The pathways are all flat and accessible by wheelchair.
  • Are food tours suitable for children?
    Children are certainly welcome! Tours are 3 hours long and involves several stops in restaurants along the way as well as walking. Please access your child's attention span and ability and willingness to enjoy the tour when purchasing a food tour ticket. Children are required to have a paid ticket for the tour.
  • Do you accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions?
    First Coast Foodie Crew will do our best to accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions of guests. Currently, we are only able to accommodate vegetarian requests, and those with nut allergies. It is advised that if you have a dietary restriction or allergy that you purchase your ticket early and communicate your allergy/dietary request when purchasing your ticket. It will be difficult to make changes the day of the tour.
  • Do I need to tip?
    The purchase of your food tour ticket includes fees for your food, as well as gratuity for the restaurant wait staff. If you'd like to tip your tour guide, you can do so after the tour.
  • Are alcoholic beverages included?
    Alcoholic beverages are currently not included in the food tour. If you would like to add alcoholic beverages you can do so for an additional fee that you are responsible for covering on your own during the tour.
  • What happens if there's bad weather?
    Let's face it, this is Florida, and the chances of rain during the summer months are a given, however most storms and rain showers occur later in the afternoon, usually AFTER the food tour has ended at 2:00pm. If we happen to be caught in rain, your tour guide will have ponchos available. In the event of lightning, your tour guide will arrange alternative plans for you and your group.
  • Are their tours for corporate groups and private parties?
    Yes! First Coast Foodie Crew is happy to curate a memorable foodie experience for your corporate group or private party! We've helped celebrate wedding anniversaries, church groups, spring break and summer vacations! Let us help you celebrate in a unique way!
  • What should I bring with me?
    Bring your smiles and a great attitude! Come ready to try delicious food, meet new people, learn Jacksonville history and discover your new favorite restaurant ! When you arrive, you will be provided a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the tour. Additional beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) are available at each restaurant for an additional fee. Don't forget to bring your camera, pack your sunglasses and sunscreen. Tag your photos using #FirstCoastFoodieCrew on social media!
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